help me stop foreclosure now philadelphia pa
We buy houses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Stop foreclosure with one simple phone call. “Help me stop foreclosure now Philadelphia PA!” Avoid foreclosure now.

Help Me Stop Foreclosure Now Philadelphia PA

Are you thinking, “please save me from foreclosure? Have you pretty much exhausted all efforts to sell your house in the Philadelphia, South Jersey area? Did you list your property with a Realtor and the listing just sat for months, and/or, you were inconvenienced for months with strangers parading through your house and still no sale? You just couldn’t sell your house?

help me stop foreclosure now philadelphia pa
“Help me stop foreclosure now Philadelphia PA!” You have options… keep reading to find out how we can help you avoid foreclosure!

“Help Me Stop Foreclosure Now Philadelphia PA!” Need foreclosure help? I can help you stop foreclosure fast,  just as I have helped many home owners in your current situation. Unfortunately, Realtor’s are very scripted and limited in the sense that they only know how to help homeowners in their old traditional way. That is, determine a sale price for your property (which is normally unrealistic, therefore limiting your chances of selling fast), lock you into a contract, parade potential buyers through your house for months, hopefully have you sign an agreement of sale, and then collect a very high commission upon the sale of your property. That’s if you are one of the lucky one’s who actually are successful listing your house with a Realtor, and getting a quick sale.

In today’s market what normally happens when you list your house with a Realtor is it just sits in that graveyard called the MLS, with the abundance of other properties hoping to be claimed from this massive depository of dead deals and unsold properties! Or, maybe you were one of the many homeowners who have attempted to sell your property on your own (For Sale By Owner). Well, if I told you the percentage of homeowners who are actually successful in selling their home own their own, you would faint… Needless to say if you tried, you know where I am headed, and I won’t force you to think about that experience again. “Help me stop foreclosure now Philadelphia PA.”

Remember all that time taking pictures, putting an ad together online, placing a sign in the front lawn that attracted a host of tire kickers, nosy neighbors, unqualified buyers, and newbie investors that proclaimed to have a solution for you. Oops! I said I wasn’t going to bring that up. I’m sorry…

“Help me stop foreclosure now Philadelphia PA!” Did I mention, “I can help you”? I know, you heard that before! Well, I can. I have been a real estate investor for over 30 years now, so I know a thing or two about solving the problem(s) homeowners face when trying to sell a property to avoid foreclosure. Do you know how the foreclosure process works? If you are wondering, “how can I stop my foreclosure?” We will show you how to navigate through this stressful process and stop foreclosure fast. Needless to say stopping foreclosure can be a very difficult task for the inexperienced. Put my 30 years of experience to work for you. In some cases I can pay cash for houses in foreclosure, because we are the Philadelphia areas largest cash house buyers. Maybe you are thinking, “sell my house fast!” We are also serious home buyers, so whatever your situation may be, we will not waste your time or ours.

“Help Me Stop Foreclosure Now Philadelphia PA!”

Which one of these pertain to you?
  1. Relocating
  2. Loss of Income
  3. Divorce
  4. Health Problems
  5. Job Transfer
No matter what the reason is for the sale of your house, I can help you solve a multitude of problems that may exist, including:
  1. You owe more for your house than it is worth (upside down in your mortgage)
  2. Tax liens
  3. Citations
  4. Facing foreclosure
  5. Need repairs (including, fire or water damaged)

I solve problems associated with real estate in the Philadelphia, South Jersey area. “I want to sell my home fast!” We can help…

help me stop foreclosure now philadelphia pa
“Help me stop foreclosure now Philadelphia PA!” The stress of being stuck with a property you no longer want, can’t sell or can’t afford is overwhelming. We help homeowners in your situation on a daily basis. Get foreclosure help!

“Help me stop foreclosure now Philadelphia PA!” We can agree that this is a very bad real estate market for the average home seller facing foreclosure. Most sales are comprised of deep discounts (short sales), because home sellers are faced with the prospect of not selling their home after being listed with a Realtor for months, or attempting to sell on their own. Now, with that being said, I have over 30 years experience helping homeowners just like you, solve problems that realtors and attorneys could not.

Even when I can’t outright buy your house for cash (sometimes the numbers just don’t work out), I still have solutions that can help you avoid foreclosure and save your credit and other assets. “Help me stop foreclosure now Philadelphia PA!” I will help you avoid foreclosure. I succeed, where Realtor’s fail!


“Help Me Stop Foreclosure Now Philadelphia PA!”

Here’s how it works:

“Lets say I am the typical homeowner who went out and bought a property the traditional way located at 123 Scottsdale Rd, and I get a mortgage from a lender or bank.

Then two things have taken place:

  1. The old owner of the property deeded the property to me, so I am now the owner of the property.
  2. Since I didn’t have the money to pay cash for the property, I borrowed the money from a lender or bank. But of course the lender or bank wanted some collateral, so I gave them a mortgage against the property to secure the debt. When the closing of this deal is complete, I am still the owner of the property, and the lender or bank owns a mortgage against the property. OK? that’s the traditional way a property is purchased.”

Realtor’s make a lot of money off of these traditional transactions if they can get them closed. Most they can not close, whether it is because they can not find a buyer, or the financing falls through for a host of potential reasons. “Help Me Stop Foreclosure Now Philadelphia PA!”

“Lets say something happens in a sellers life – maybe a job transfer that they’ve got to react to very quickly, perhaps loss of income, divorce, or any number of things that change their ability or willingness to pay the mortgage and maintain a house.  As the homeowner you have the ability to deed your house to me, so that I can take over your mortgage payments. It’s a lot like a lease, because I will be paying a mortgage in your name. But it’s different from a lease because I will be the owner of the property, and therefore required to maintain the property.

I will place a rent to own tenant in the property for a term of up to 5 (five) years, and at the end of that term (market permitting), assist that tenant in obtaining a mortgage to cancel your debt (save your credit and assets), whereby paying off your mortgage balance in full. We have been successful in helping every homeowner we have placed in this program. You can get the immediate relief that you seek.”

“Help me stop foreclosure now Philadelphia PA!” Our Mortgage Payoff Program is not complicated at all. This process works well for just about any homeowner looking for relief from a mortgage. We’ll simply become the new owners of the property and start making the future mortgage payments. We will provide you with the necessary paperwork to read, sign, and schedule a closing that’s convenient for your schedule.


“Help me stop foreclosure now Philadelphia PA. Check out these homeowner scenarios. Most of the homeowners that we help can relate to one of these scenarios…

Scenario A

“John is current in his mortgage payments on his home. First, John tries to sell his home through his local Realtor. He is informed however that the current market value of his home is much less than what he owes on his mortgage. He has an upside down mortgage or an underwater home. He wants to move but can’t. He’s able to pay the mortgage but doesn’t want to. John wants a new home right away with better financing, lower mortgage payments and wants a new home that is not upside down (owes more than what it’s worth), cost less to buy, etc.

His credit is still good and he can qualify for another mortgage. He contacts us, and after discussing his situation he decides to have us take over the mortgage payments and home. I provide the paperwork to John and after he reads, signs etc. We make arrangements for closing. John moves out and we become the new owners of John’s old property and we start making all future mortgage payments.

John sets out to find a new home. John finds one. John submits a loan application. The lender approves John’s new mortgage and funds the loan. John moves into his new home. John never makes another payment on his old home. We took over the mortgage payments and he moved on.”

Scenario B

“Ronald lost his job. He doesn’t want to pay his mortgage out of the little savings that he has, besides when that is depleted what will he do then? Ronald wants to avoid foreclosure on his credit because he may purchase a home later when his financial situation improves. He’s already in danger of defaulting on the mortgage and wants to avoid foreclosure and since he cannot obtain a new mortgage loan after a foreclosure for a very long time he wishes to avoid that and maintain what ever good credit rating he has left. Oh, but wait, he owes more than what his home is worth. He is unable to sell but can’t stay in the home and make the mortgage payments because he has no income.

He sets out to find a solution to his problem. He contacts us and after a brief consultation and Q & A session he decides to let us take over the home and future mortgage payments. He can now concentrate on straightening out his financial situation and perhaps purchase another home later. We arrange closing, Ronald moves out and we take over mortgage payments and property.

Ronald never makes another payment on his old home.”

Scenario C

“Matt is one month behind on his mortgage payment already and is willing to walk away from his mortgage debt and home. His credit is shot and he does not care for whatever reason. He is willing to foreclose or perhaps he has no choice in the matter. However he is referred to us, who can take over his mortgage payments. Matt figures he was going to foreclose and walk away anyway. He has nothing to lose, only to gain especially if we can take over the mortgage and home and avoid foreclosure Matt will benefit in the end.

Matt never makes another payment on his old home. We took over payments… He moved on.”

Don’t Walk Away From Your Mortgage Before You READ THIS!!!

“Help Me Stop Foreclosure Now Philadelphia PA!”

Get foreclosure help, and stop foreclosure fast! Just fill out the short form below, and we will contact you to discuss how you can avoid foreclosure and save your credit, assets and avoid tax liabilities associated with the foreclosure process…

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Help Me Stop Foreclosure Now Philadelphia PA!”